Top 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Dogs have been our best for a very long time. This article shows the five most popular dog breeds in the world. The dog market has experienced a large boom since movies like Cats vs. Dogs were released. Why do people keep dogs? They do it for companionship, entertainment, and disability support. No matter what dog you have, you need to choose whether to crate it or let it roam indoors/outdoors when you are away. We highly suggest a quality dog crate such as one of the best indoor dog crates from this list as they will find it a safe place to sleep and it will allow the pet to have their own space.


Golden LabradorThe Golden Labrador comes in first place. This is not a big surprise as Labradors are very agile and intelligent dogs. They are also popular due to their good nature, loyalty and intelligence. They also have very large energy levels therefore they are fun to play with. Some Labradors are used as service dogs for the blind and people with certain disabilities.


In second place is the one and only Yorkshire Terrier. They are small in size so they are perfect for small households. They are very popular with families because they are playful in nature. They are also very courageous and they will never be intimidated by the presence of a burglar or stranger. As you can see, The Yorkshire Terrier makes excellent watch dogs.


German Shepard breedSurprisingly, the German Shepard takes third place in the top five dog breeds. They are not necessarily known as household dogs because they are very big in size but they actually make excellent house dogs. These dogs were originally trained to herd sheep and horses. They are very courageous and they will scare away any stranger who attempts to enter your homes.


Toy Poodles come in fourth place. These miniature sized dogs are popular among all kinds of people. They may be small but they are playful in nature. Like the Yorkshire Terrier, they can be pretty courageous although some tend to be really timid. There was once a time when my Toy Poodle scared away a large Golden Labrador. That was pretty impressive.


Boxer – This breed gets along well with children and they are low maintenance. They are not very intelligent and are highly energetic, so they are not easy to train. Obedience training is necessary, however, as this breed can become, big, strong and stubborn.

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